ECOFLEX EUInk Series with standard drying for corrugated board printing
ECOFLEX SRInk Series with fast drying and high rub resistance for corrugated board printing at high speed and online die cutting
PREPRINTInk Series with high rub and heat resistance for pre-printing
ECOFLEX SR GHigh gloss ink Series with good rub resistance for gift wrap paper and paper sacks printing
SERFLEX WR INTHigh physical & chemicals resistances ink Series for napking and tablecloths paper printing
SERFLEX SEDAInk Series with low curling properties and good physical & chemicals resistances for lightweight paper
SERFLEX INTHigh gloss ink Series for narrow web label printing.
SERFLEX HRHigh gloss and heat resistant ink Series for paper printing.
ECOFLEX PEInk Series for surface plastic film printing with excellent adhesion and dry and wet rub resistance.
ECOFLEX PE HRInk Series for surface plastic film printing with high heat resistance
ECOFLEX LAMInk Series for surface plastic film printing and lamination.
SERFLEX SOBRESInk series for envelope printing alcohol or water/alcohol mixture thinnable
FLEXOMAILInk series for envelope printing water-thinnable.
ECOSERFLEXInk series for notebook printing water-thinnable.


POLIFLEXOPolyamide printing ink Series for polyethylene and paper printing
POLITHERMPrinting ink Series for polyethylene, raffia sacks and paper with midium heat resistance. Also for polypropylene adhesives tapes printing with primer and release lacquer
FLEXOPHANENitrocellulose ink Series with high gloss for paper printing.
THERMOPACKHeat resistant ink Series for aluminium foil and paper printing. Also the THERMOPACK FILM Series for polypropylene printing.
TURBO METALIZADOSPrinting ink Series for surface printing of metallized polypropylene without any need of primer.
TURBO PPrinting ink Series for surface printing of cellophane P.
TRACTIONHeat resistant nitrocellulose ink Series with high scratch resistance for Surface printing of polyolefin films.
TRACTION LAMNitrocellulose ink Series for surface printing and lamination of polyolefin films and treated polyester.
COMPLASTNitrocellulose ink Series for exterior and interior printing of compostable and biodegradable materials.
MULTIFILMPrinting ink Series for printing and lamination of polyolefin films, treated polyester and polyamide. With low solvent retention and high lamination bond strength.
THERMOLAMPrinting ink Series for printing and lamination of films for pasteurized and sterilized packaging.
IMAGEPrinting ink Series for PVC Printing ink Series for printing and polystyrene shrink sleever label printing.
ROTOVINILPrinting ink Series for rotogravure PVC printing. The versión ROTOVINIL PRECINTOS FOR PVC seals printing.
ROTOCAPRotogravure printing ink Series for AL/PE complex printing for caps bottles.